Canyon F10 2008

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Honestly, there weren’t too many things at this year’s Eurobike that got me excited. Apart from the Carbonsports Challenge700- and Clincher-wheels, the new Walser bars, Zipp cranks and the painted Kelly’s girls, the new Canyon F10 carbon-fibre frameset was one of the novelties, that really caught my eye. 

Nowadays, a big number of companies offer frames in the 900grams range. Some of them are stiff, some of them aren’t. Some of them are good-looking, well proportioned and nicely painted.They are more or less expensive; pricing varies between 1600 and 7000 Euro. 

Customers often have to make certain compromises: light, stiff, beautiful and cheap. Pick three! ... sure?

Well, before Canyon introduced the new F10 chasis, I’d have answered that question with a simple “Yes!”. All the more I was impressed, when I saw the new kid on the block.

To name a few facts:
  • - 920 grams
  • - superb stiffness and STW-ratio
  • - Price likely to be around 1300 Euro for frame, fork, headset, seatpost-collar and stem
  • - Aproximately 20% cheaper for owners of a racing license
  • - 8 sizes available
  • - individual designing possibilities

The frame-set has been given a completely new face. All the tubes have been re-shaped, the frame comes now with a 27.2mm seatpost (31.6mm so far), the fork looks beefier and the infamous weak-point of the previous F10 – the transition from headtube to the fork’s crown – has been swept off. The headtube of the 2008 model does not have a conical external appearance, but still bears a huge oversized, conical fork-steerer inside. Also, the previous, skinny and non-matching legs of the Flex SL fork have been beefed up and now go very well together with the frame. There’s just one thing that bothers me: The weight went up, just because some people were complaining about the appearance. The previous model was a perfect example for “form follows function”, which I, personally, liked very much. 

Anyway, back to the new F10. The frame-set will be shipped with a custom headset made by Acros, specially for Canyon. The lower bearing will have a huge 1 ½” diameter, while the top one will be reduced to 1 ¼”. Canyon don’t use any spacers whatsoever to make a normal steerer-tube fit an oversized headset, so you may have alright noticed, that you will have to use a stem with an 1 ¼ “ clamp. So far, Syntace and FSA provide Canyon with this still exotic measurement, but negotiations with Thomson are running and I bet Ritchey won’t let you wait too long either.

The adjustment of the headset if done by a little bolt underneath the stem, in the top cap of the headset, which makes the heavy expanders for carbon-forks unnecessary and thus saves weight. Also, the lower bearing will be placed deeper in the head-tube, which results in a better protection against dirt and mud. 

Massive chainstays and the patented maximus seat-tube provide perfect power transfer, while the minimalist seat-stays (even thinner than last year!) and the 27.2mm seatpost offer the desired comfort. The top-tube has been flattened a bit, while beeing slightly wider than before, resulting in better handling and better damping. 

There will be approximately 13 models, available in 8 different sizes and various color-schemes. Plus, you now have the option to add your name and team-logo on the top-tube as well.


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Hello,Very nice presentation. I've been looking at carbon frames and the canyon F10 seemed to be a very good proposition, stifness and price wise. (I am 190cm and 93kg, I need a stiff frame and I am not willing to pay crazy money for a Colnago extreme power).The only bad thing about it was the uneven transition from the head tube to the fork.Canyon fixed that with the new version of the frame, but look what they've done to the rear triangle. Thin seat stays, 27,2 seat post, massively agly seat tube. I'll have to wait for the reports to see how all this translates in practice.Have they (Canyon ) said anything about alterations to the Geometry?I also noticed that the picture they have on their site is a litle different at the chain stays and at the fork. Thanks for your efforts
Thanks for your help Adrien! Really appreciated
Je préfère de loin cette fourche-ci !!...Question de goût...