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This is what we call an outstanding wheelset.
Take quite standard 50mm carbon rims, oversized carbon hubs and carbon super bladed multi shaped spokes to get the most special set of wheels of the market.

They are called Sonic, from Grammo, an italian brand from new zealand. The engineers behind the wheels developed these weird spokes to improve the aerodynamic of the wheels. And it seems like they are not wrong: the rim end of the spoke is more important than the hub tip because it spins faster. That’s why they designed a spoke that is 4.5mm round close to the hub then reach the amazing size of 25mm width and 3mm thick! The very thin spoke-rim junction allows very small rim drillings to keep the rim stability and stiffness. With such spokes, the stiffness should be very high too…

Would you dare to ask about servicing and truing the wheels? No problem, the spokes are actually attached to the rim through a standard hidden nipple.

In term of weight, the wheels are 1600g in tubular version. This is quite heavy but definitely fair for a time trial wheelset.
This wheelset is available in clincher or tubular version, Campagnolo or Shimano/Sram, and in 50mm rim depth. In the future, different rim depth versions will be offered too. They will carry the same hubs.
The wheels presented in this article are prototypes but the definite version will be unveiled at the Interbike show very soon!

More info soon on: Grammo-bici

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Adrien 21/09/2007 10:59

You are right Michele, I'm going to edit it.Thanks.Adrien.

Michele 20/09/2007 09:40

Ciao Adrien, just wanted to correct you; actually that brand is from New Zeland and not from Italy.The only reason they use an italian name and an .it site is for sell more.