Lew Racing Pro VT-1 Tandem! [en]

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Paul Lew has a lot of ideas in mind. He already has designed the most special wheels of the year 2007. He pushed the envelope further each time, with, in chronological order: a Tune mechanism version, a full boron version, a Clydesdale version for strongest riders, and, last but not least, for Christmas: a tandem version!

Considering what these wheels are designed to, they are still incredibly light. They are reinforced to deal with the forces and weights of two riders. Compared with the Clydesdale version, they have about 600g more material (or 800g more than the standard version) distributed on each item of the wheel. The rear wheel has two times more central spokes to transfer the riders forces. 8 spokes deal with the riders power output while there are 4 on the standard wheels...!


In term of price, the wheels are about US$7500!

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