Speedplay Zero Axle Tuning

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The Speedplay Zero system features dual-side entry and up to 15 degrees user adjustable float. It's also possible to fixate the rotation angle if desired. Total stack height is 11.5mm, which is amongst the lowest available. They're available in 4 basic versions and in several different colors. Manufacturer listed weight for the Chrome-Moly version is 210g, Stainless Steel 206g, and Titanium 164g respectively.

Axle Tuning

Standard Stainless Steel Zero pedals with black bodies: 207g.

Disassembling Axle

1) Remove grease port screw completely and replace it with a longer screw with identical thread. Screw it in partially and use it to pull out the dust cap. Alternatively, you can partially back out the much shorter original screw and grip it with pliers.

2) To ease the release of the pedal body retaining screw, slightly heat it up with a soldering iron.

3) Secure axle with a 15mm key wrench and remove screw with a T-20 sized Torx tool.

4) Pull body from axle.

Axle Specifications

Stainless Steel axle weight: 102g.

Length of Stainless Steel axles: 78.96mm

Titanium axle weight: 60g.

At 76.02mm the Titanium axle length is about 3mm shorter. Take this into account with cleat placement as your Q-factor will now be 6mm less.

Putting it back together

1) Degrease the axle threads and Torx screw.

2) Apply with a toothpick medium strength Loctite 243 or something similar to the axle threads.

3) Slide axle into the pedal body and make sure no grease penetrates the axle threads.

4) Secure axle with a 15mm key wrench and tighten down the body retainer screw.

5) Remove any excess threadlocker around the screw head with a q-tip.

6) Insert dust cap and grease port screw.

The final result is a pair of Speedplay Zero Titanium weighing only 165g.

Miscellaneous Part Weights

The base plate including standard snap shims: 37g

Standard length base plate screws: 11g

Extra long base plate screws: 12g

Zero cleats: 62g
Cleat screws: 8g

Tip: to prevent unintended loosening, apply threadlocker to the base plate screws and tighten them down with a T-handle Phillips driver.

Total weight reduction: 42g

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Wade Nye 02/12/2009 15:39

I make an aftermarket titanium spindle. Please give me your address and I will send you a free sample.

lory 24/06/2006 06:21

bonjour,quel bonne idée un blog sur les vélo et la façon de les reparer!!

david 11/03/2006 11:30

If you're in the US you probably can get them from Speedplay directly. In Europe www.bike-components.de is a good place to get them.

cheapdrunk 11/03/2006 03:31

Where can you get the Ti spindles? I haven't seen them for sale. Thx.