Pics from SRAM testing bike

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The Danish rider Mads Kock could take some shots of another SRAM equipped bike owned by Riis Cycling, used for testing (not by a CSC-rider, but probably someone from the teams managment). He shared these images with us and told us: "I just had a quick try at the new Sram levers and I must admit that they felt really good - fast and with a nice solid click. A small flick - heavier gear, a longer flick (with the same lever) - lighter gear. "

Thx Mads,

I remark all viewed testing bikes still used Dura-Ace brakes.

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froque 11/03/2006 20:48

Is this gruppo working with shimano casettes? or have they created a new standard, I have not seen any info about the chain width or what kind of spacing they use in the cassette. can you provide some more info?

thank you.