Eurobike 2; Kuota, Xentis, Wave

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For 2007 KUOTA comes with a new superlight frame that weights between 850 and 900gr. It's called KOM for King of Mountain, it uses a monocoque triangle, different lamination, KUOTA Nano Technology carbon fibers and a bottom bracket with an improved section.

There is a project on the KREDO to make the SRM powermeter integrated in the frameset, here are the pictures:

The K-FACTOR, KSANO, KEBEL and KHARMA are coming with a new red paint as well. They will thus be available in two different paint themes, black and red.

KUOTA has got for 2007 cranksets which have a useful system to increase or decrease the crank length. It's called ALS and one can change the length at 170 or 175mm. It's coming in two versions, one with steel axle and another one with titanium axle.

XENTIS is coming with a new TT wheel and a new MTB wheel.

They have made TT bar extenders too.

Wave is a brand that will be selling a very nice bike using 12K carbon fiber.

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Pieter 06/09/2006 09:59

@ 2 wheels: The Kuota cranksets are no rebadged Stronglights, but made in coöperation with Stronglight! They are unique for Kuota, but indeed Stronglight was involved in the production and it will be mentioned in the Kuota catalogue like that.

2 wheels 05/09/2006 14:10

The Kuota K02 crankset with ALS looks like it's a rebadged Stronglight crankset.

Alex 05/09/2006 10:12

J'ai trouvé mon prochain frameset : Kuota KOM!!!! Enorme avec le pédalier! Merci pour les photos, j'ai pas pu aller à Friedrichhaffen.

triathletecb 04/09/2006 22:31

Merci pour toute ces news.
Le vélo Wave est vraiment magnifique équipé de la sorte, sur le terrain j'orais tendance a pensé qu'il doit être rigide je sais pas pourquoi ?? peut etre a cause de la boite de pédalier ;-)
Les nouvelles Xentis doivent avoir un rendement génial.

paul 04/09/2006 22:26

est ce qu'il existe un site pour ce marque de velo ? je trouve le cadre tres beau ? merci d'avance