Corima Aéro, TUNE Mig70, Mag190, Cx-ray [2] en

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Today, I just finished a build now quite classic and already presented in many different versions on the website. I won't copy and paste what I've written some months earlier, rest assured!

So here are some words about the wheels. A 24 / 28 built, radial for the front and 3 times crossed for the rear. The weight objective is realized since the set tickles the scale with exactly 1250gr. (554 and 696gr). The wheels remain solid, reliable and quite nice too.

A second built made some weeks ago is similar to the previous one. Only the spoke number is different since they are laced with 20 front spokes and 32 rear one. Furthermore the stickers have been tuned a little...
About the weight, they even didn't see any scale but they shouldn't be far from 1250gr either ;)

Will I dare to ask you which one you prefer?

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Thomas Nybo 11/04/2007 21:11

I hope you will find time to answer my question, think you must be a busy man?!
I've been offered one of your creations: The Corima Aéro with TUNE Mig70, Mag190, and I would very much like to buy it. My problem is: My weight is 80 kg and I do long races (Ironman etc.) - and it's only a 16/20 built! Are they solid enough, or will they easily break? (Should I lose some weight? :o)
Merci beau coup - I'm sorry about my lack of french!
Thomas Nybo