Turn on the Dremel then go ahead!

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The Dremel is a very useful tool that allows to make parts with an infinity of shapes. It is among the essential tools for the marabout whose Laurent is among.
Thanks to his long-term experience and a lot of ideas, he looks for some carbon to cut his parts. Exceptionnals and rare, the scraps of carbon are inaccessible for him. He then has to fall back on carbon plates that he will be able to bond to get the correct thickness. This will be, afterwards, way cheaper.

The set of tools of the Dremel

The retentless guy works on several parts whose a Tiso rear derailleur mech, a set of jockey wheels, components for his Speedplay, a chainring and some other accessories.

Carbon chainring 34 teeth Tiso rear derailleur, tuned

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Speedplay with carbon plates
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But still, the most interesting is arriving. Have a look: a front derailleur, full carbon, whose parts are cut directly into the carbon. Overall weight is a mere 32g after 8 hour of intensive work! The Lightweight and Campagnlolo have to stand fast!

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In theory, this derailleur is really interesting. However, put into practise, Laurent didn't get the expected result because of the play caused by the carbon axles inside the carbon parts.
This derailleur is currently in "stand-by", waiting for alloy or titanium axles. We hope it will be prefectly working in the following weeks!
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