Interbike, first sight

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Interbike is the North America's largest bicycle trade event and show takes place in Las Vegas during 3 days from the 24th to the 26th of September. With over 1,000 of the top brands and nearly 23,000 attendees from over 60 countries, it is similar to the Eurobike in Europe.
Several manufacturers did keep secret some of their newest products and unveil them at this event.


The giant american manufacturer is updating its wheel range with the Superlogic Carbon Road wheelset, featuring exclusive rims, made with uni-directional, 100 % high-modulus carbon reinforced with boron. Made by Lew Racing using proprietary DEX-LCM molding process, they combine very light weight, exceptional strength, while being compliant rims.
Hubs are alloy cold forged, made by Ritchey: WCS V3 and V4. Spokes are Aerolite from DT Swiss, 20 front radial, 24 two times crossed rear. The wheelset is claimed to be sub 1100g, at $US2800, including the WCS Ritchey quick releases.


Cervélo releases a newer version of the time trial/triathlon frame. The P4 is claimed to be the fastest ever made bicycle including the UCI legal and UCI illegal bikes. The fork is a custom Cervélo design making easier the air flow transition with frame, the 570 ml water bottle is right above the bottom bracket and smoothly integrates the down tube, seat tube and bottom bracket in a single aero form. The rear brake is integrated to the chainstays, thus lowering the air drag and being invisible, it is as powerful as a Dura-Ace caliper, yet being 30% lighter.

Every single details can be read on Cervélo's website, or on BikeRadar.


Photo ©: James Huang

Already unveiled at the Eurobike, Rotor had the new seatpost visible here too. The SP1 seems cleverly thought to save weight without sacrificing the important reliability. It has an ovalised interior and smaller diameter as the seatpost exits the seat tube until the head. It weights only 178g in a 27.2 x 350mm size.

The Agilis crank arms can receive an additionnal Quarq-compatible spider to be aware of the power the rider delivers.

Photo ©: James Huang

Chris King

Chris King is well known for its legendary life durable components. This year is an important year for the american manufacturer. Chris King finally releases a new bottom bracket which is specifically designed for Shimano-compatible external type crank/bottom bracket systems. It features a grease injection tool allowing the bearing to be purged of existing grease and debris and new run through.
It is available in a wide array of colors.

Chris King also was busy with new hubs: Single Speed road versions, thru axle 10mm and 12mm MTB versions, two 15mm thru axle front options.

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palaine 03/10/2008 20:37

Ok , but i order lightweigth wheels one year ago , and after many mails , i have no news from stefan behrens !!

Stefan Behrens 26/09/2008 04:00

Adrien,you are suggesting that LEW is presenting nude rims at Interbike. (or at least it makes the reader think so).I have´nt seen you being here and so I don´t know if you are in Vegas or not. But I want to tell you that there is no LEW booth at all at the show altough LEW is based in Vegas.( and I AM there). In fact, there are only some wheels at the booth of Ochsner and we today agreed that Ochsner will NOT carry LEW anymore but only LW in the future.I would aprreciate if your reports were neutral concerning the facts. Thank you.Stefan