Shimano Linder 11s

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Anton could take some interesting pictures on the Jan Ullrich conference presenting his new bike line.
It seems I'm the only one being surprised to see a 11 speeds setup on the pictures. Not really much informations, actually almost no information about it but we can clearly see Linder rear derailleur, shifter and cassette. I'd like to say it's custom setup.

Have a look at the pictures and feel free to post commentaries;

Eleven speeds would be nice on road bikes.

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Boonen 30/05/2006 19:36

I noticed these as well when clicking on the links posted on weightweenies, I have never heard of these before but there are really 11 sprockets. I really don't think we need 11 sprockets and to be honest I hope that shimano/campa/sram aren't going to reproduce these but of course it's pretty cool to see a small company make stuff like this. (maybe it will be the new norm in a few years??) Do you know if the way the rear cable is mounted to the outer cable with tyrips has any function, looks very odd to me, lol.